The Smarter Platform

Features That Matter

Track Partners and Every Performance Channel

Everflow provides you with an all-in-one platform for managing your affiliates, influencers and strategic partnerships. You'll have a tracking an analytics platform for tracking your performance across all paid marketing channels and quickly breaking down that data for marking the best decision to grow your business.

Google Cloud Infrastructure

Everflow is built on Google Cloud, which lets us process billions of clicks at lightning speeds. Have real time access to all of your data for marketing decisions, comparisons and deeper analysis. You can see more about how we've leveraged Google Cloud to provide you a better experience.

Power Targeting Controls

Never receive the wrong type of user again. When you set up your offers in Everflow, you can apply targeting requirements including countries, cities, platforms, device types and more. Any user that doesn't meet your offer's requirements can be sent to a better matching offer by utilizing our Fail Traffic & Smart Links features.

Smart Links matches the right User for each Offer

Never waste another user's click. Whenever a user is sent to one of your offers and doesn't match your targeting requirements, you can deliver that user to your Smart Links. Smart Links are a grouping of offers, which could be made up of your other products/services/offerings or any partnered products. When the user is send to a Smart Link, Everflow will run through that group of offers to find an offer with matching targeting requirements for fully accepting the user, whether it's the country, city, available budgets or another targeting requirement you've added.

Click-to-Conversion Time Reporting

Click-to-Conversion Time is one of the most powerful reports for understanding your partner’s promotions and stopping fraud. For eCommerce advertisers, this report makes it easy to see which partners are using coupon/promo codes to snipe conversions, and for mobile this report catches click injection and spamming.

Breakdown Data by Any Metric

Our cloud-based platform can instantly pull every data point and compare them against each other. With our Analytics reports you can choose any metric, such as a campaign, see a breakdown of partners run it, and then breakdown the performance for that selected campaign and partner by their: placements, cities, country, etc.

Full Messaging Capabilities

You can contact your partners in-platform, send messages to only the partners actively running each offer, and easily access their information for reaching out to them via email.

Scrubbing & Adjustments

Not every partner stacks up to their promises. We provide you with easy-to-use functionality for adjusting conversions, payout, or handling charge-backs. We also provide you with smarter tools for stopping these bad conversions and traffic before they need to be scrubbed.

Track Every Impression

You can enable Everflow to track every ad impression, and every View-Through Attribution (VTA) conversion from those impressions. VTA opens up a massive amount of new partner and channel opportunities, allowing you to generate more revenue through your partners and advertising.

Ready to get started?

Promo Tracking Code

Ramp up your influencer promotions by giving them clickless promo codes, which will track back to them and credit them with every conversion they deliver.

Track Every Conversion & Event

Everflow handles tracking of every performance event and payout type. Tracking clicks, impressions and promo codes. Recode revenue and payout by cost-per-action, cost-per-event, CPM, cost-per-click and more.

Expert Customer Support

Customer Success comes first at Everflow. We've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available 24/7 to make sure that your issues and questions get personally resolved. You can reach out to them at any time in-platform via LiveChat, or reach them via Email, Ticket, or scheduled calls

Partner Email Marketing

You can manage your partner email campaigns inside of our system including recommenced subject lines, from sources and the email's content. We also have full integrations with Ezepo and Optizmo for managing your suppression lists.

Understand Every User's Click

Sometimes you need to go deeper to make sure your partner's are passing every data point properly and delivering the best users. We make it easy to view every single user click with a full snapshot of where i cam from and what was included.

Understand Every Event & Engagement

Your initial conversion is just the starting line. With Everflow, track every event that happens after a user converts. Select the events to track privately, and which events should reward your Partners for delivering that value. Flexible reporting lets you see a quick breakdown of your Event-level performance for every Partner and Placement.

Automate Optimization with SmartSwitch

Everflow provides a better way to optimize your campaigns, while stamping out fraud sources. SmartSwitch lets you set clear automation rules: For example, blocking traffic from any partner sources that deliver 1000 clicks with 0 conversions, and then notify your partners that these placements will be blocked. These smart rules can save your team massive amounts of times, stop bad sources faster, and help you focus on growing your revenue. You can automate optimization based on click-to-conversion time, conversion rates, event rates, margins, and more.

Automatic Fraud Prevention

We provide you with Deterministic Anti-Fraud Protection, which lets you set clear rules for what types of conversions are clearly fraudulent and should always be blocked. You can enable automatic protections around duplicate clicks, duplicate conversions blocking proxies, and blocking unnatural click-to-conversion times. This includes traffic controls for blocking traffic from any of your partner’s unacceptable placements.

Powerful Third Party Integrations

Third Party integrations that matter. Protect your campaigns with Anti-Fraud partners including Forensiq and 24metrics. Pay your partners globally with full compliance using Tipalti. Keep your email campaigns in compliance with Ezepo and Optizmo.

Instant Advertiser Integrations with EverXChange

EverXChange allows you to start immediately receiving new advertiser campaigns via API. After you receive the advertiser’s API key: You can filter to receive the exact type of offers you want to receive (CPI, CPA, etc.), for the right GEOs, and only the offers with payouts that make sense for you to promote.